Monday, July 16, 2018

2 Day Egg Fast- RESULTS!

*drumroll please*

After 2 days of wishing I could eat a different protein source and missing my diet soda and sugar free candy treats , the results are in...

As of this morning, I am 200.6 lbs!
I did it! I went from 202.6 to 200.6
I lost 2 lbs in 2 days!


my measurements are all the same EXCEPT  my stomach pooch measurement
It went down from 44.25" to 43"!

This means that I beat the bloat AND wiped another half inch off my tummy from my results on 7/6/18.


Not necessarily in a hurry to egg fast again or for a longer period of time, but I was pleased that it helped me get down to 200 by my dr. appointment today!

Since I spent half my day in the car I didn't exercise, hopefully I can motivate me to do that tomorrow...

I really want to try to lose 3lbs per week and be close to 190lbs by my 2 month weigh in on August 10th.

wish me luck!


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    In Seventh-Heaven,
    we'll getta ride
    around on em - they'll
    even have saddles!!!!!
    Ever see the 70s
    Heavy Metal where
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    Cya soon Upstairs, gorgeous...


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