Saturday, January 21, 2017

This poor ottoman

I just won't let it die in peace.

You may remember my previous post regarding my poor ottoman.

Where I took it from :


To this. 

Well for several months it's looked more like this....
Yep. Sad story.

You see, I am not a very good upholsterer it turns out, and over time a whole side of my gorgeous grey fabric fell off. And I thought "this is my chance to re-do it correctly."
So I ripped the rest of the fabric off, bought new, then proceeded to just throw a blanket over it and procrastinate.

But it's in my bedroom,  I see it all the time. 
It's so awful.
But all my research on the Internet did not render me a good ottoman sewing tutorial where the top was separate, so despite my desire to do it right I decided I was just tired of looking at it.

Yet again I did it the easy/fast way instead of the right way, you know what that means?
In a year or two I'll recover it again. 

Oh well!
For now I'll show you how I did it, in case you want to poorly recover your own ottoman--

first,  gather your supplies... a few yards of lovely velvety fabric
And one ugly ottoman.
(Weenie dog optional)

Lay your fabric out, good side down

And lay the top of the ottoman face down on top

You may notice I added a piece of paneling to the bottom, this will make sense someday. 

Then start pulling your fabric over, pulling taut and stapling  

When you get to a corner think gift wrapping

And all the way around. 

Then grab the bottom of the ottoman and repeat

Cut off any excess fabric that may get in the way of your ottoman legs

Gotta keep the leg holes clear yo'

Place your ottoman top on the ground,  and lay on top the ottoman bottom
Lining up the way you want them to be attached

Go steal your husbands new cordless drill and grab 4 wood screws (I'll probably end up adding more screws since it's a bit flimsy)

Screw me.

Add your legs 

Turn it over and Weep tears of joy

Put it at the end of the bed and sigh in relief that it's much less ugly. 

And that's my Saturday. 


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