Monday, June 16, 2014

My cat has a dirty fetish


I don't know if everyone's cats do this or if mine is an extra special kind of a-hole, but my cat Excalibur poops more than any creature I've ever seen... and it's always at the WORST time.

Eating dinner?
I'm gonna poop.

Taking a shower?
gotta poop.

you pooping in there mom?
dual poop-a-thon.

Company coming over?

but my FAVORITE is when I JUST finish cleaning the litterbox...

ugh! and he's the stinkiest pooper ever and he never covers it up and it makes the WHOLE house stink. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

I'm about sick of his BM fetish.

so speaking of poop..........
I was thinking, why do toilet paper ads all show fluffy clouds and mysterious blue liquid? Why can't they be more honest?  why can't ALL advertisers be more honest???
who pees blue? why is that chick having an orgasm in the shower?
I don't UNDERSTAND?????

but here-- I've made some mock ups of items with more honest taglines:

 see?  I'd totally buy those things.
every. single. one.
okay maybe not EVERY single one. I don't really need the socks what with me having a vagina and all.

anyway, thoughts!
Off to bed with me, early day tomorrow!


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