Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Mother's Memorial Day! ;)

I'm just now getting around to posting about my mother's day gift I made for my mom...... on memorial day.


So I'll write this post about my mother, who is not perfect, but is awesome anyway.
And I'll dedicate it to all mothers who aren't here, Lord knows they leave a place I cannot fathom trying to fill with anything else.

So happy Mother's Memorial Day!

So my mom has been living in the mountains of Colorado in a shack where she pees on trees and hunts her own food.......... okay, maybe not, but she did live in colorado until a few short months ago. We're super glad to have her home and mom and I try to get together every saturday if we can for a bit to catch up on life :)

She moved home and left most all of her furniture in the shack (aparently it's difficult to drag down the mountain, who knew?) {should't you be able to like, hire a reindeer sled or something??? well, elk probably...  anyway.}

So she has this sparsely furnished apartment where she lives now, and my sister and I are trying to fill it for her.

This year for mother's day I decided to attack her bedroom, which looks like an 8 year old girls room.

So I  made her an upholstered headboard, and a duvet cover to cover her HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, AWFUL comforter.

 {I didn't take a before picture, but here's a walmart picture of the horrible comforter.}
screams 8 year old girl doesn't it? I know right???

So I went to the store and bought a piece of plywood [which the awesome dude at home depot cut for me to fit in my toyota camry],  a ten foot 1*4 board, a set of purple woven curtains {the bigger the better} , craft sized quilt batting, and a foam mattress cover-- plus I bought sheets and fabric to make the duvet cover which I'm not detailing because I suck at life and didn't take pictures of that process..... oops

Came home and got down to business:

 For some reason I keep singing that Mulan Song....    anyway, I used wrapping paper to make it symmetrrical, I just taped it down, drew half my design and cut the wrapping paper design out :D
 So Smexy.
 Then I traced the outside of my design with a sharpie because I'm fancy like that.
 and used my jigsaw to cut it out!  I also drilled holes where I knew I'd be wanting to put my buttons at the end of the project...


 Place it face down on your foam, then cut that out (sorry, no pics!) then your quilt batting { like a big foam sandwich!}
 see the foam? I just used a cheap bed eggshell thingie. I'm jewish, no judgement.
 Then I got to work pulling the foam around to the back and using a staple gun to secure it.
 I'm sweating right now. my cheap husband hasn't got the air conditioners out yet. oh look! a headboard....thing.
 I then pressed the curtains with an iron (no pics of that either, sorry!) and started pulling the fabric around just like the batting. I cut slits in the curves so they would pull tighter.. though they still weren't perfect. I'm OCD.
 Fabric... CHECK.
 I bought these blinged out buttons from walmart, I think they were 2 for $1.98 or something, and I went to work with a big needle and some tough thread pulling the buttons tight as I could and stapling the thread in all different directions to the plywood.
Ermagerd, done except for the legs!
 these buttons are sexy as hell.

I then cut that board in half (basically, half-ish) and screwed it to either side of the headboard for legs! muahahahahahahaha
 Then I stayed up until 4am this morning finishing this duvet cover for her ugly comforter with two matching pillowcases and VOILA, amazing!
OMG, sooooo much better.

anyway, she loved it! We had a great day playing beanbags {aka cornhole} , headbandz, and rummy.  food, family, fun.

I feel it's fitting on memorial day that we made some awesome new memories <3 p="">


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