Saturday, January 4, 2014

Don't forget the Bread and Milk!

It's gonna SNOW!!!

So yes, a winter storm is rampaging across this fine( lol) country and it is about to hit us, in good ol' southern Illinois.

we are actually estimated to get something like 8-10 inches of snow from this storm,and they are estimating the temperatures to drop in the negative double digits. In fact, they are saying we may set records for the lows.  So THIS time I guess I understand why you may want to stock up on groceries/water/icemelt.

Honestly though, the people around here FREAK OUT if we even get a light dusting of snow, it's pretty ridiculous. Personally, my husband informed me that he wanted me to stay home tomorrow due to weather, and I informed him that I have a 75%off coupon at JoAnns and I laughed in his face.  I'll have to get out monday to go to work anyway, so why would I miss out on amazing coupon uses? huh? nope, I won't.

Anyway, I HAD to go to walmart tonight (the day before impending DOOM) because my cats are out of food, and I needed to get lunches for the six 12 hour days I am scheduled this week *sigh*

And I was expecting the water aisle to be pretty wiped (which it was) and I expected to not be able to find any windshield de-icer (which I didn't) but HOLY CRAP was I not expecting THE ENTIRE STORE TO BE OUT OF EVERYTHING.

Now, I understand that it is close to the first of the month also, and maybe it's a combination of crap that created shelves that look like THESE
Thank GOD I like Quesadillas.        photo courtesy of Jessy Clark

But I was not prepared for some of the things that they had run out of.
So water ,YES
Icemelt, YES
Window Insulation, YES
Pet Foods, YES
Razors (for shaving my legs) YES.... bread, milk, eggs. YES.  

What the heck is going ON here? does everyone just eat french toast and have sex THE WHOLE TIME THEY ARE SNOWED IN????

WHY french toast? WHY??? I mean it's delicious but, WHY?
I'm so confused.
I'm afraid I'll just never understand society.

But yes, I got milk. I already have bread, and they were LITERALLY COMPLETELY OUT of eggs.
I feel like such a failure. no snowy french toast for me.
Guess I'll just eat mac and cheese.


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