Monday, December 23, 2013

My Pets Gave me Herpes.

And I keep spreading it EVERYWHERE I go.

Okay, so not like literally venereal  disease Herpes.
But a special kind of herpes, that people everywhere are hiding.....
You know how glitter is the herpes of craft supplies? it's just everywhere and you can't get rid of it.....
well, pet hair. that is some serious stuff.

It's everywhere.

 When I clean my house I find it in the ceiling fan blades, on the shelves, stuck to the bathtub and toilet, obviously all over our clothes and bed.... I even found it in my refrigerator.


I will often bring clothes home from the laundromat and they are covered in pet hair before I even hang them up.

so you know what?
I have Herpes. well, the pet owner kind.
and I won't hide it anymore.

Don't hand me that folded up piece of duct tape.
Keep your crappy lint rollers off my back.
Don't even look at me with your sticky buddy.

I'm not hiding any longer.
I accept this as my life, you should too.

THIS is my reality.
my hairy, hairy reality.


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