Tuesday, March 19, 2013


You know you opened this just to find out what I'm talking about now.

It's okay, you will not be disappointed.

So, I have this co-worker, Jake.  He is pretty freaking awesome all on his own, but today we've been even more impressed with his awesomeness.

because today we found out about Jake-Ception.

Turns out Jake once dated a guy named Jake. (WHAT WHAT?)

and I cannot help but think how EXTREMELY wierd it would be to scream out your OWN name during SEX.

Take a moment to put yourself in that situation....got it?
yeah, that would be wierd.

but even weirder to me is the concept of coming upon these two going at it BOTH screaming their own name and you don't even know where one Jake ends and another Begins.....Jake-Ception.


anywho, the girls at work and I were talking about just screaming OUR OWN names during sex withour spouses (Except Tenny-Bop, she will be screaming my name)

Just because we are sick F*ckers and want to know how our husbands will react...............

so then the comment is made that that would be like if my husband screamed out HIS own name during sex, to which I would have to reply "SO THAT'S WHY YOU LIKE DOGGY STYLE SO MUCH! "

you know you laughed.  you are welcome.


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