Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Slacker Blogger

yeah, I suck at life. sorry about that.

So today was a lovely fall day in Southern Illinois :)  it was mid-70's and partly cloudy.

my WONDERFUL husband and I were off work, and you know what he let me do?

take a new family photo :D (or a few of them)

Us and our baby dogs :)

 THIS is my family :)  these are my beautiful children, and that is my wonderful husband.
I'm a lucky lucky woman :)
                                                       Charlie and Daddy looking sexy ;)

                                                                         My yodas

                                                               Ellie and Mommy the Ladybugs :D

I'm super excited :) as a photo freak pictures make me giddy :D

hope you enjoyed your day today, and hope the sun shone where you are too :D


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