Monday, July 30, 2012

So my ovary is trying to murder me.

I pretty much HATE being female some days.

although, the boobs are nice.

last night I got very very little sleep. like SO little sleep. partially because I was just too keyed up to go to sleep.
partially because my ovary was trying to murder me.
and partially because I was replaying my most irrational and greatest fear over and over in my head.

I was too keyed up because I didn't get off work until 8pm, and was supposed to be in bed at 10pm, and believe it or not two hours is not enough time to wind down.

my ovary was trying to murder me because I'm ovulating. which is its own sad sad story on its own.

Although, I did get a proposal to impregnate me by some random lesbian chick in the break room?

don't know how that works....well, maybe I do.....


and my biggest irrational fear *drumroll*

(yes, I am aware of how stupid this is, and it scares the **** out of me anyway!)

I'm completely TERRIFIED that at some random time in my life I'll just be going along, living my life, and all of the sudden, for no reason whatsoever, all of the oxygen will be sucked out of the atmospere, and we will all just suffocate and die.

so I'm just laying in bed, thinking about whether I would have enough energy to get to the living room to give Brandon ONE LAST kiss, and then I get all sad because my dogs and cats would be dying too and I wouldn't be able to comfort them.

true story. my biggest fear ladies and gents.
random? yes.

are you surprised?  I'm betting no.

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