Saturday, February 11, 2012

When I think about you, I think of how I'd like to shove your face into a vat of fresh manure

I wonder what that says about me?  

Hello Winter?
It is now February 11th and it is Freezing outside, for possibly the first time all winter.
what gives?
I know I've been saying "we really need to get some snow and cold weather so the bugs won't suck ducks next year, and blah blah blah." but I really didn't expect you to LISTEN!

Dude, I hate Winter.

I would like to do very mean things to mother nature right now. like put a kick me sign on her back when she is entering a stairwell. :)

Oh well, I guess I'm snug as a bug in a ....wait, wtf. Of COURSE.

of course my animals tore all the plastic off my windows a week ago. duh. Cuz that makes the most sense.

Oh well, suck it up and pay big business, whats a huge electric bill right? according to our government I have plenty of money to pay it. I can also afford my own groceries and schooling from the ground up. dang government ;)  I will admit, I do appreciate the roads and electric grids and such they provide though :D

Anyway, got almost the whole house cleaned, chili simmering in the crock pot, and the rest of the day to myself (Brandon's working a double) .

Who knows what this day will hold....

Probably some more cleaning. lol.

hope you're staying warm peeps!


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