Wednesday, November 23, 2011


No Venting. psh. yeah right.

So it's Thanksgiving-Eve :) It's a time for relaxing with your family, and appreciating all the Gifts GOD has bestowed on us day after day year after year. It's a stress free time to laugh at halfhearted jokes and tell people how awesome they are.

in never-never land that is.

In THIS land people are going bat-shit crazy and starting to foam at the mouths.

Today I was using the toilet at work when I heard a woman at the layaway desk outside the restroom door. She stated "People have got better things to do than stand around here all day waiting to pay {for their layaway stuff} " Then I heard her again. and again. different takes on essentially the same sentence that "people have better things to be doing" and each time she said the sentence it got a little more heated and much more loud until she was just screaming this as a chant. then I heard a walmart shopping cart get shoved at FULL FORCE into SOMETHING. I still don't know what because I'm not an idiot. I stayed in my stall til' she was gone. lol!

So it's that time of year. when people are completely losing their cool for no reason. oh, I did mention she was being helped while this was going on right? yeah. those poor layaway clerks.

keep it cool peeps!


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