Monday, June 6, 2011


I storm through the house, in a frustration filled red haze.
She's done it again. That Bitch has ruined my day for the last time.

Turning the corner to cross to the door I catch movement from the corner of my eye. As I turn to look, there she stands, awkwardly. Just standing there looking pissy, staring back at me.

That's it. I'm done.

I walk into the room and sit down, sigh dramatically. She takes the seat across from me.

"I need to talk to you" I begin.

She just glowers at me.

"I can't deal with you anymore. You sit around here all day long, and do nothing to contribute. You're always in a bad mood, and you never have anything positive to say; you're adding extra stress to my life, and it's simply unneccesary."

Silence. She looks back at me, with hate-filled eyes. Eyes so much like my own, but colder. Dulled by the years of pain God has dealt her. She used to smile, and laugh.

But not anymore.
Not for a long time.

I sigh and lean forward, to support my face in my hands. I cannot do this anymore. This confrontation has been coming for years, but now I cannot find the words to end things peacefully.

She looks just as miserable as I feel, tears are brimming in hurt filled eyes.

No more.

"I think you need to leave. today if you can"

Shock smooths out her once lovely features, and I feel like sludge.


"I'll help you pack, I'll help you find somewhere to go if you need to, but you're hurting me by staying here. I'm sorry"


"Do you not have anything to say to me? no apologies? all the years I've been here for you, all the time we've spent together, and you don't even defend it?"


"You are just not going to say anything then? Fine. Get the Fuck out."


Disdain can be read plainly on her face, yet she says nothing.

"Get out!" I scream, standing quickly in my anger.

She matches my pose, aggression and pain mixed with hatred, she steps back as if to flee, but she stands firm.

I grab the candleholder off the desk to my side and throw it at her smirking face.

It shatters.

I cry while I sweep up the mirror fragments that have rained all over the floor.

I'm going to miss her.

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