Monday, June 20, 2011

To Err is Human--Forgiveness is Divine.

I never claimed to be divine.

I'm sorry, but I just DON'T forgive some people. Some people are just HORRIBLE people, and I'd kindof like to watch them fall off a cliff and be eaten slowly by some sort of predator.

you may think this makes me a bad person. but you're wrong. I'm an inherantly good person actually, I just have a LIMIT. I can only take so much cruelty before I start to fantacise about stabbing you with dull implements.

But I don't, because that would be bad karma on me. and I'd rather sit back and watch the world ass rape you while at a safe distance :)

Today I was walking around the grocery store, when who walks up beside me but Brandon's ex's boyfriend. well, if you don't know the story of Tim and Heather and the psychotic BS they drug us through about 5 years ago let me just sum it up for you--on our 3rd month of dating 'anniversary' Brandon came over to my house and told me that his ex was pregnant. and it may be his. She proceeded to drag us through her entire pregnancy, calling and texting Brandon often, and insisting that the baby was possibly his. sigh. on the day the baby was FINALLY born, She called him to let him know his daughter was here, and when he got to the hospital, she REFUSED a paternity test, saying it's Tim's baby, and Brandon needs to leave, because Tim's family doesn't know anything about the doubt of the paternity.


we'll say that pissed me off, but what really pissed me off was when I opened Brandons phone to take a picture of the dog and WHOA there are naked pictures of her in his phone. 6 months after her baby was born. yeah. so anyway I about left him, and he begged me back, and I went to Tim's work to essentially tell him to get a handle on his woman.

so--back to today. I ran into him at the grocery store, and I felt compelled to apologize for all the drama that went down, 5years ago. I'm just not a grudge holder. He was blown away, and graciously accepted my apology.

so see? I'm NOT a bad person! but still--sometimes I have some BAD thoughts...

Like yesterday when I was watching this show and this couple's baby was stillborn......I thought of her. I thought, 'well, that would SERVE HER RIGHT wouldn't it'? and it would. I won't say I hope your baby is stillborn or deformed or something, but I will say, if it is, I will get some sick satisfaction out of it, because you're an evil bitch, and it would serve you right.

to err is human--forgiveness is divine.

I'm so far from divine it's not even FUNNY. But I'm usually a pretty good person....usually.


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