Monday, January 10, 2011

You know what freaks me out about winter? The things people may have under thier coats.

Think about it.

I went to Freds to kill some time today on my day off, and I swear I saw like four creepy guys with shifty eyes in oversized coats. I totally had an exit strategy in case they held up the store or something...ew. Not to mention trenchcoats, imagine what that could be hiding *shivers* it could be like that movie, observe and report, with the flasher. eeewww. that mental image just popped into my head. ugh. I'm just saying, creepy guys should not be allowed to wear oversized coats.

just on principle.

So I have a snuggie. I'd like to point out that I did not purchase the snuggie. My grandma got it for me as a gift; and I may have made fun of it in my mind when I opened it. but I have been proven wrong.

yes, when it comes to snuggies I have not had much use for it, like every normal person in the world I just put a blanket over myself when I'm cold. if my feet are cold I wear socks, if my arms are cold I wear a sweater. yeah.

But, there is one snuggie useage they don't advertise that is frankly, genious.

I wear my snuggie while I poop. yep, I don't have to worry about it falling in the potty, cuz it has no back, but it keeps me cozy on those chilly winter mornings, when I just gotta go.

So thanks Grandma :) you've made a snuggie snuggler out of me! ;)

In other news, I will be getting my first tattoo on Wednesday evening. :) my appointment is at 7pm; I really hope I don't humilate myself and cry like a girl...oh wait, I am a girl, sweet! now I don't have to worry ;)

When it comes to permanentlly putting ink on my body, I just couldn't be normal, and pick a pretty design out of a magazine or off a webpage. no. I've completely custom designed the mother of all tattoos. It is everything I love all in one. well, except for Brandon, and pink lemonade. lol.

It will be revealed to my lovely blog readers in a blog on wednesday that will show you all the aspects of the design; ideas, first draft, final draft and the tattooing of my innocent skin. :) It's gonna be AWESOME.

I did have a nightmare already about my tattoo. I dreamt Ididn't go to Unique ink for my tattoo, and this other place did it with my Unique Ink gift didn't hurt at all in my dream (which you'd think would have tipped me off) and when I got up to look in the mirror this is what I saw...

My whole back was dark blue in like a cloud shape, there was some kindof tribal design in the middle, and on each shoulder there was a gargoyle shooting a lazer gun.


I won't be getting that done I can assure you! lmao!

well, I'm gonna go enjoy the rest of my day off! peace-love-happiness


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