Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today someone pooped in the floor outside the restroom.

Now THAT is an aversion to public restrooms! lol!

I was on my lunch break when I heard of this, and I can't help but think back to the day a coworker was stopped from stocking shelves because "there is a pile of hair on the ground in the restroom, and I't's really dark and curly, wanna come see it?" NO JOKE.

So far today I have thought of many things to blog about, and I started you off with the most disturbing/most interesting. lol. sad.

Number two on my list was the fact that I had to literally hold myself back from hurting a person when they kept saying the same ignorant sentance over and over agin in my ear. what sentance you ask? well, we have this chocolate cream cheese cake, and i guess they can't read the label correctly (btw, cheesecake is ONE word, not two) so they got really excited to thier companion and kept saying "LOOK, THIS ONE HAS CHEESECAKE IN IT! LOOK THIS ONE HAS CHEESECAKE IN IT,! LOOK THIS ONE HAS CHEESECAKE IN IT!"

YOU ARE AN IDIOT. just saying.

number three is that I bought my mother in law's Christmas present today, and I've decided that if she's a Bitch at any point before December 25th I'm keeping it for myself ...so most likely I'll have a new self-love present! haha that's about the only time it's ok with me for my mother in law to royally blow at existance.

Number four, ah yes, an addition to Walmart: a musical I've wrote a new song in for Kelly and Sherry (my managers) called "And I think to myself, what a wonderful store" I went to buy the supplies to start the puppets, but walmart doesn't have the right shade of blue for our shirts. go figure.

And finally. A very dear friend of mine came in today, and we briefly chatted about her life in general, and I happened to mention that her husband and her share the same religious views. And then I got to thinking, MAN that would be so nice! Not that Brandon and I worship different GODs or something, but he changes beliefs like underwear; and he leans heavily toward conspiracy theories. the newest beliefs are that aliens created us. yep. So be thankful if your significant other is sane. You have no idea how blessed you are! lol!

that's about it from my brain I suppose.

do us a favor, try to hold it until you get into the restroom.


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