Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Oh Sh*t.

That was the entirity of my thought process Sunday afternoon, while Stuck at the top of "the Legend" Roller coaster. I personally wasn't terrified, but my husband was falling apart faster by the second. To make matters worse, right after we stopped moving at the top of the first hill,l the attendant got on the loudspeaker by accident..."What do I say?" That's not the most comforting sentance to a roller coaster full of people, at least one of whom are slowly losing thier mind in fear.

Brandon is TERRIFIED of the act of climbing the roller coaster hills, he likes the ride down, but the whole time we're climbing he has his eyes squeezed tight and he's got a death grip on the coaster. So of course, that would happen while we're at the top of the tallest hill right?

I immediately reached over and started tracing comforting circles on his back, and murmering reassurances. Sweat was pouring off his face, and I literally could SEE his heart pounding through his shirt. My poor Baby!

About ten minutes in, a portly woman came huffing up the hill to tell us what was going on. Turns out there was a computer glitch and the computer thought there was something wrong so it's reflex is to just stop the coaster. I thought Brandon was going to cry. Evidently she did too, cuz she came all the way up to the front car where we were (of course) to check on him. She assured us that we were NOT going to have to walk down, which btw would have caused ME to panic, and we would be moving again soon.

Sure enough about five minutes after she chugged back down the hill, we started climbing again, and then we coasted to the end of our ordeal.

I instructed Brandon to go sit down and smoke a cigarette, and I got him a cold drink; when I found him he had collapsed against a building, he didn't even make it to the smoking area.

So that was our big event for our vacation this year :) We got stuck at the top of a roller coaster, and surprisingly not only did Brandon ride two more rides he normally would balk at, but he even rode the Legend one more time before we left :) I was so proud!

Well, back to my fun filled Vacay. Machete tonight for movie night, wish me luck! lol.


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