Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I'm so happy, it's a wonder I don't pee Rainbows.

I'm no longer having 'one of those days'.

For the longest time I've been so stressed all the time, trying to balance work, and Brandon time and my photography. I've really been neglecting my photography. :(

Brandon honestly sees NO appeal to photography, he just doesn't get it; so I guess I felt like he didn't value my work. My family has always been really supportive, especially my little sister, Mandy has done her fair share of posing ;) But I never really thought anyone cared particularly for my work, heck, my mom asked my ex-best-friend to do pictures of her; and although I was okay with it, to an extent it did hurt my feelings. Like my pictures aren't as good or something :(

Health-wise I'm doing GREAT! I live my life with a thin coating of xanax, and it has really helped ease my stress! No more random panic attacks at work :) I'm taking my vitamins every day like a good girl too :) And those pesky 18 lbs, I keep waiting for them to re-appear, but so far they're staying gone!!! :D

Still don't have any transportation though, dangit, but maybe sometime soon I'll get my car back!!! Pictures are going so great, I can hardly wait til' September for Amanda and Taylor's wedding, and then I'll have another on in December, SO EXCITED!!! Maybe when Brandon and I finally find a house to buy we'll find one with enough space for me to build a studio ;)

Other than that, my job's going great, busy but fun as usual; I bought a new slave flash, and it works REALLY well! :) and I'm just revelling in the general good fortune GOD has bestowed upon me! I know we have had some rough patches, but I really do love my husband, he's wonderful. And I Still love waking up next to him after four and a half years together!

Well, guess I'm gonna go, picking up some pizza to eat with my honey bunny tonight ;)


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