Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sometimes I just want to hit people right in the face

Whatever happened to a good old fashioned ten pace gun duel?

Man, I wish that was legal. Some people deserve a nice knee shattering blow.

Believe it or not, my happy pills have officially kicked in! The other day I posted a status on facebook that made it aparrent! I posted it impulsively, then when I looked at it a few hours later I was like 'wow' and that's all I could say. It was bubbly and overly happy. ew. Oh well, I feel better though :)

I'm doing alright all in all, considering work is a minefield; I find myself bestfriend-less; and Still have no transportation. darnit.

I have lost 18lbs :) I can see my shoes through the extra space in my pant legs. lol. random huh?

And I have now finished my NEW photography website!

check it out!!!

I'm proud as a peacock of myself :) Web design is NOT my forte.

I realized the other night that BOTH of my cats are now obese. *sigh* Poot Poot is quite hefty now, I guess I can justify buying the diet food though since I don't have to worry about one cat being fat and the other being tiny! :( poor fat kitties.

Bur Bear is now four years old, whew. crazy!!! He was such a cute lil' kitten, we saved him from some dumba** server at ruby tuesdays. wow. Time flies! Poot Poot is three then I think, or will be this fall. :) I love my little puuuuurrrfect angels.

And they were the CUTEST kittens ever!

Well, sad to say I have not a single interesting thing left to say. I tried to drag this blog out as long as I could, I give up.

My happy pills are stealing my passion. I'm sure it'll be back though, I'm a freewriter. little known fact, when I'm upset I just pick up a pen and write until I feel better. It helps :)

And it makes for interesting reading to say the least! ;)

sorry I'm so boring, check my website out mkay?


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