Saturday, July 17, 2010


I choose to take that as a compliment.

So thank you anonymous teenager leaning from a car window in McDonalds parking lot. I'm rather fond of them myself. This is a statement I'm not sure I've ever heard directed at me, in high school I was flat as a board...we'll maybe an inwardly warped board.

Anyway, on another subject, I have lost 15 lbs according to my bathroom scale since I announced that I was going to swear off fast food and soda. And I actually have gone back to eating out since that announcement, sorry, I know, but it's so CONVENIENT! I originally lost 10 lbs, then I gained 5 backs, and omitted to tell you, and then I lost 10 more; altogether I'm at 150lbs, originally at 167. ohhhhh, I guess I've lost 17 lbs then haven't I? cool beans, works for me. :)

Life is going....well, I'm still breathing, so that's great! :D

My husband and I have been using our medical insurance, I now live my life with a thin coating of xanax. We found out I have a vitamin D deficiency, and he's trying to quit smoking as well as getting some anxiety meds of his own. So we should be pretty happy right?

We actually do have an upcoming appointment with a urologist to find out about fixing Brandon's that's on the upswing as well, heck we could be parents this time next year!

On the other hand, I lost my best friend about a week ago, so that puts a real damper on everything. And there's a woman at work who is trying to sabotage me, and that just plain sucks. We still live with my dad, and my car died. It's been a lousy week.

I did however get my price list for my newly re-done photography finished last night :D I just have to type it up, build a new website, and update my old website...*sigh* hard to do when the only Internet time I get is when I'm stealing it at McDonalds. And that's on my lunch breaks and when I'm waiting for Brandon to pick me up after work...not much time, and it takes ALOT of time to build a website. that's the truth right there!

But I'm working on it, day by day, it'll get there :D

I'll try to keep on smiling, when I'm feeling down I'll just remember how awesome my t*ts are. :p


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