Saturday, July 3, 2010

Keep on Keeping on, and all that that Entails

In one word. EXHAUSTION.

Get used to it. ;) I have now been full time at work for three months, but I've been working full time hours since last August when my Lisa went on leave. It can be so much fun, so hectic, so just plain CRAZY some days, and man OH MAN am I glad when I get my day off :D

I've come to realize that every adult in my whole life is right. (I know, dang it) STAY IN SCHOOL, GO TO COLLEGE, yada yada yada. I love my job, but I make 9.00 an hour and have to work 40 hours a week and I can barely afford Gas, and basic supplies. I'm terrified to see what happens when we throw rent and utilities back into the equation. I am a VERY intellegent person, I got straight A's in all my college courses, and I love to learn. why oh why am I not a PhD or something?!

I'll tell you why, beacuse I am too interested in everything and cant pick a major, and when I pick one, I panic at the thought of being trapped into one thing forever and change majors again. As it is I'm about three classes from an associates degree, but even if I wanted to go I couldn't because believe it or not it's freakin' HARD to work full time and then do homework afterward, as well as balence a husband whith the attention span and the clinginess of a two year old.

Plus I'm ineligible for financial aid, because I make too much money and I don't have any kids. *sigh*

A general gripe btw, I hate that they won't give food stamps, or assistance to people who work too hard, but pathetic wastes of oxygen who do nothing but drink and breed get so much money and help that they don't even have to work at all. that's screwed up Obama, why don't you fix that huh? I can get my own healthcare if you'd just REGULATE the exhorbant prices they charge. But I'd sure like to get help with getting through school and trying to better my future!

Oh yeah, summer sucks. it's too hot and I'm too poor to go to the beach or buy a pool, and my car doesn't have air. there now I've officially whined about everything I think ;)

BUT on the positive side, I've lost ten lbs since I stopped eating fast food every day, and I'm hoping to lose some more, I look great, I feel better about myself, and I did have to buy that belt.

Also, the Dr prescribed me some happy pills so my whole outlook is just a lil' bit sunnier.

Who knows myabe I'll actually have something *gasp* nice to say in my next blog!




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