Friday, June 11, 2010

They should really take that "s" out of FAST FOOD.


I think we should petition or something, fast food is killing Americans. And even worse, we CAN'T HELP OURSELVES but to continue eating it!!! Heck 2/3 of the people I know can't cook for themselves, literally don't know how. pathetic. Every day for months I've been going to McDonalds and ordering the $3 meal, because by the time I walk there and get my laptop booted up I don't have much time left on lunch, I really would be S.O.L if I ate at work THEN walked over there! Slowly bit by bit I have been gaining weight, but I hardly noticed it. Until I quit eating at McDonalds for two weeks in an effort to save money, I literally lost 12 lbs in two weeks buy making my own sandwiches and taking them to work for lunch. OMG! So I'm trying this little experiment again, bought my lunch supplies, we'll see how it goes...wish me luck! :D

On another note I'm feeling a little bit frustrated today with people in general. I have oodles of people I know who are younger than me, and are just now getting married. And yet another one of them is Pregnant :( I'm thrilled for them, don't get me wrong, it's a miracle and a blessing...but I can't help but be a little bit envious of their good fortune. Ikind of feel like a three year old jumping up and down and screaming "WHERE'S MINE!!!!????" Brandon and I have now been married for three years, we've been together for four and change, and people who we know have gotten married, had a baby, and then are having another baby in that period of time. It breaks my heart sometimes. Of course I have still yet to make that dr.s appointment......I'm honestly scared silly of what they may say! IDK kindof my general gripe today I guess, I'm wallowing.

Anyway, I told you I work at Wallmart right? okay, so if you've ever been in a walmart you know what I'm saying when I say SOME OF THE WIERDEST PEOPLE EVER SHOP THERE. And people can be SO inconsiderate, they'll blame you in a heartbeat, even if it means you won't have a job, just to get free crap. Here's the thing, WE ARE PEOPLE TOO. I have bills to pay, and hopes and dreams, and that baby I was just whining about...will never happen if I lose my insurance. I've waited 3 years for health insurance, I finally FINALLY have a job where I actually make enough to pay those neverending bills, and people just plain DON'T CARE!

We had a lady come in today (I was on lunch, thank GOD) who came to the bakery and said "she'd like to order a cake",, then it changed to "I ordered a cake and you don't have it ready" then it was "I already paid for it" (btw, sidenote, it's a 38dollar cake she was wanting and it takes an hour to make) so the deli manager was trying to help her because we didn't have an order form for her, she asked the woman if she had her reciept, NO, "well how'd you pay?' with her link card. so according to her that means it didn't give her a reciept. well she was S.O.L. cuz Thank the LORD the manager told her we could look it up and the woman scrammed. Turns out she wanted a 38 dollar cake for free. oh yeah, we also give you a 25dollar gift card when you complain. But here's the thing, you are deliberatly messing with someones source of income. that's pretty Crappy to make up. for those people who are reading this going "hm, maybe I'll go get me a free cake too and a 25dollar gift card" I just want you to know. KARMA'S A BITCH LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SEEN. :)

well, that's about enough Ranting for today :D


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