Friday, June 25, 2010

Money won't buy happiness, but some wealthy person can donate it all to me anyway...

I'd give Happiness my best shot!

Heck, I think for the most part I'm a generally happy person anyway. I'm stressed of course, I live with my dad and 17 year old baby sister, duh I'm stressed. Actually I just caught wind that my older brother and his wife are going to be moving in soon. dang. I just think, my life could be genuinely happy all the time if I had enough money to make the stress go away, provided my husband can keep it in his pants when slutty women are trying to throw themselves at him...

Oh yeah, and this oil spill. it sucks. I'm not going to BP, and if you're a patriotic person with a half decent love of our earth you shouldn't either.

I love how at Wal-Mart we are SO green now, we recycle, we have an organics bin to make compost out of, we have skylights to keep energy costs down, we only run the A/C for 4hours a day. And yet another big issue is looming over out heads that we do nothing about at all!
That's right. Childhood obesity. Everyday I give out dozens of free cookies with icing to little fat kids. I just think it's morally irresponsible, somone should tell the CEO's that obesity isn't a problem we need to continue to feed.....pun intended.

And those parents, oh my what I'd like to say to some of those parents... if you loved your child you wouldn't let them have a cookie, let alone criticize me for not putting on enough icing or how 'last time little jhonny got two cookies..." seriously? Your poor kid is gonna end up diabetic! that's why you're the adult, you are supposed to be responsible!!!!

Holy Snikes! there are some seriously in need adults out there too, I always told my husband, if I ever get SO OBESE that I have to have a motoized scooter cuz I'm too lazy to WALK he should put me out of my misery. There are actually handicapped people out there taht need those, the other day I watched a man with ONE LEG push a shopping cart while wheeling in a wheelchair, because there was no scooters. Because the fat people took them. No I don't feel sorry for you, you're disgusting. If I can diet, so can you.

Okay, I've pretty much run down now, sorry if I offended you in anyway, but hey, this is MY BLOG my thoughts, don't like em? don't read em. Life sucks, before you die.


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