Friday, June 18, 2010

Forever swimming in a Sea of Icing

Well, at least the dog likes me now... ;)

Our store is about to undergo a remodel, so if you're passing through in July or August this year be prepared for utter CHAOS! They had a very fancy pants training session with the employees about how we are to handle you (the customer)'s reaction to this. It was mainly alot of 'blah blah blah, give em whatever to shut em up' Like we don't know that part by now! So if you come in, and there's a chunk of ceiling in your cake. well "we appreciate your patience as we undergo this change" and get the freak over it.

In other news, I have succesfully lost 5 lbs in the week I've quit eating Fast food every day. yep. a week. I'm gonna have to buy a belt, cuz my pants won't stay up right. I'm super excited :D

And oh yeah, I made the first doctor's appointment with my new health insurance card :D yay!

Sunday's Father's Day, I bought Brandon a card tonight :) I'm gonna write some kindof mushy message in it about him being the father of our unborn children or some such thing. Hopefully next year I can give him a card for the real deal :D

Has anyone else been paying attention to this internet thing in the news? if not shame on you, you should really look that mess up. I hope to GOD whoever votes for that isn't an old timey ignorant moron. Seewhat others are doing to save the internet here...

So random thought for the day, I'm thinking of shaving our cats. haha. well it's summertime, they're gonna be warmer and more flea infested with thier fur anyway, but I'm thinking ofdonating it to clean up the oil spill...want to help too? try here...

well, the hubby just called me to tell me he's on his way home, my laptop batteries about to kick it anyway, til next time



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