Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Diy custom dog collars

Step 1: procrastinate. 

So I've had the materials to make the girls new collars for literally MONTHS.... and it took me signing up for a doggie 5k to get my butt in gear!

Tonight I rounded up my materials:
-fabric of choice (scraps from a quilt top I made a few years ago)
-2 dollar store nylon dog collars (for the hardware)
- interfacing (yay more scraps!)
-coordinating thread
-sewing machine and iron

I started by cutting the hardware off ONE of the collars.  ** Leave the other one alone for now so you can see how to put it back together!**

I laid my collar on my fabric and cut the piece 4 times as wide (folded in half twice it should fit your nylon inside it) and cut it about 5 inches longer than the cut collar.

Tyen I ironed my interfacing into the back of my fabric pieces

After ironing the interfacing on, fold your fabric piece in half lengthwise and iron.  
*pro tip starch is super helpful*

 You will now fold the sides in to meet the fold line in the middle and iron them.

I think of it like making bias tape.

 When complete,  you'll fold in half again lengthwise and press.

Some tutorials I read wanted uppity to insert the nylon collar (or a piece of nylon which can be bought by the yard at hobby lobby) into one of the side folds and then fold in half and sew... I did do this with one of the collars, but with the thick heavy duty interfacing I used it was too thick to easily adjust so I left it out if the second and that worked much better.

 You will have to sew the ends and at least down the open side.
I kindof fold in thre corners of the ends like a tenne then fold it down square to keep the frayed ends of the fabric from poking out the sides.

 I sewed ALL THE WAY AROUND at about 1/4 inch.
 So purty.
 So then I unclipped that collar I hadn't cut yet and started adding hardware
 That square x thingie is harder than it looks!

This is the most complicated hardware.  You have to thread the adjustment loop through then the end goes up through the end clip, back down through it, and up inside the adjustment loop and back down through it.(so the adjustment loop has 2 layers through it) Then you sew the loose end to itself where it was going up to the adjustment loop.

Now you can cut your other collar and do it all over again!
 my Ellie is the CUTEST model even though she'd much rather be naked.
Bindi the maniac was harder to capture a shot of 😂😂😂

Next step is to make them some girlie collar bling and then some coats for our February 5k.

I'll be sure to show you how it all turns out!!!


Monday, July 16, 2018

2 Day Egg Fast- RESULTS!

*drumroll please*

After 2 days of wishing I could eat a different protein source and missing my diet soda and sugar free candy treats , the results are in...

As of this morning, I am 200.6 lbs!
I did it! I went from 202.6 to 200.6
I lost 2 lbs in 2 days!


my measurements are all the same EXCEPT  my stomach pooch measurement
It went down from 44.25" to 43"!

This means that I beat the bloat AND wiped another half inch off my tummy from my results on 7/6/18.


Not necessarily in a hurry to egg fast again or for a longer period of time, but I was pleased that it helped me get down to 200 by my dr. appointment today!

Since I spent half my day in the car I didn't exercise, hopefully I can motivate me to do that tomorrow...

I really want to try to lose 3lbs per week and be close to 190lbs by my 2 month weigh in on August 10th.

wish me luck!


Saturday, July 14, 2018

Keto: one month in.

I did it! I completed a full month of ketogenic eating!

 It was easier than I thought it would be, and sometimes it was harder than I thought it would be too. I guess is just like any other diet where you have your up's and down's

After our 3rd miscarriage in May of 2018 my emotional eating had me at a whopping 217.6 pounds.

 Brandon and I made an appointment in Saint Louis with a new fertility clinic and I resolved to put an honest effort into losing weight again.

I know that I can do it, because I've done it before period this time last year I was in the 174 pound ish range which is still like 25 pounds overweight for me

It's definitely a daunting undertaking when you step back and realize that you have to lose 67 pounds in order to be the heaviest you can be to be considered healthy.

 67 pounds will only get me to the highest healthy weight, to get into the median range I've got a lose more than that, probably try to get around 135-140.

 So it's definitely intimidating for me to start this journey but I did it anyway
And I am so glad I started this,   Since ketogenic eating sheds weight very very quickly it has definitely helped me to stay motivated.

 So now let's get into the nitty gritty of what my results have been following this diet for one full month....

 On June 14th 2018 my starting weight was 217.6 pounds. My arms measure about 14" around on my upper arms. My chest measures 43". My waist measures 39.5". My thighs measure 28" around a piece. My butt measures 49". And my stomach pooch, the most loathe to part of my body, measures 46.5" around.

 These photos are of course incredibly unflattering but this was my starting point and I hope in a few months that I can be proud when I see these pictures with the results I earned.

 So at my one week weigh-in on June 22nd 2018, I had lost nearly 9 pounds. I weighed 208.8 pounds. My arms still measured 14" around and my chess was still 43" around my waist had decreased 2 and a 1/2 inches and was 37" around. My butt had decreased an inch and a 1/2 and was 47.5" around. And I had lost an inch off of each of my thighs bringing them in at 27" apiece around. My stomach pooch I managed to lose an entire inch off of and it measured 45.5"!

 Of course this is highly encouraging progress for one week! But I have many more weeks to go…

At my 2 week weigh-in on 6/29 I was down to 205.6 pounds which was about a 12 pound weight loss from the beginning weight. My arms were 14" around and I had lost an inch off my chest and it was measuring 42". My waist measurement was 36.5" around! My thighs remained the same at 27" around and my but I lost another half inch off the of and it was 47" around. And on June 29th 18I lost another half an inch off my stomach pooch bringing it down to 45" around.

 My 3 week weigh-in on July 6th I'll Aust to more pounds and weighed 203.2 which is approximately 15 pounds down from my starting weight. My arms are still 14" around and my chest is still 42" around I lost another half inch off my waist bringing it to 36". My thighs have not changed in are still 27" around a piece and I lost another half inch off my butt bringing it to 46.5" around. This week I saw the biggest reduction in my stomach pooch and it went from 45" down to 43.5" around.

 My one month way and I had been really struggling, I was extremely bloated and uncomfortable because I was about 4 days out from starting my menstrual cycle so of course I've been having trouble getting down any weight this week. And my measurements were mostly the same with just a little bit of discouragement tacked on to the end.

I weighed in at 202.6 pounds, Which was kind of discouraging because it's only about a 1/2 a pound down from the previous week.  My measurements are all identical from week 3 with the exception of my stomach pooch,  which wasn't really very surprising to me since I hadn't lost any weight for me to feel like there should be a reduction in size.  My stomach pooch actually increased in size this week to 44.25" around.

I know that I've been saying on track and though I don't track my carbs I eat little enough during the day that it's not hard for me to remember where I'm at. I 100% believe that my results this week are attributed to the waterweight and bloat that come with PMS.

 I am definitely expecting that when I do my way in next week it will have gone down significantly and I will have lost the water weight for a higher loss than what would be considered normal. Most people can lose between 1 and 2 pounds a week on this diet.

I did take one month pictures, you can see a little bit of progress but not nearly as much as 1 would hope. Next month I think it's gonna be better.

 I was wearing super cute black leggings and took them off specifically so you guys could see my a** in these horrible shorts.

 You're welcome.
Here's a side by side, to save you a scroll.

Sorry I'm not hot yet. I'm working on it ya'll.

 So since my appointment is Monday I am doing an egg fast this weekend, to try to lose that last two point something pounds

I know that walking into a new doctor's office at 200 pounds versus 202 pounds either way they're still gonna tell me that I need to lose weight but it'll help me feel a little better prepared I guess? The lower I get the more confident I feel that drs will be willing to help me.

 I really wanted to be a 190 pounds when I went, I knew that was unrealistic for a month for me to lose  27 point something pounds, but when you look at the keto support group on Facebook these people have amazing results and they talk about losing 30 pounds in 3 weeks and things like that.

 So I have realized that my body loses weight between 1 and 2 pounds a week which is totally fine, it's totally average. I'd really like to get it between 2 and 3 pounds a week so for the next month on this diet I'm going to be adding an exercise. My current goal Is to try to exercise 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes, I know that that's not impossible, it's just really hard for me to motivate myself after a long day at work and the inevitable overtime that comes with my job.

 My egg fast this weekend should be interesting, if you've never looked into it feel free to Google or pinterest and egg fast diet and look at the kinds of recipes that I may look forward to eating this weekend.

I'm just telling myself that as much as I love eggs, even if I get tired of them it's only 2 days. And I'm fasting all day Monday before the appointment and case they need to draw fasting blood work so I don't have to make a separate trip to Saint Louis for that.

 I will definitely have to update you guys with my today egg fast results and whether or not I was able to lose that last 2 pounds before my appointment. And I will hopefully be able to give you some splendid results a month from now with some awesome progress pictures!

Thanks for believing in me!


Sunday, January 28, 2018

One week of Keto: a why me guide

Hi,  my name is Tiffany I'm 5ft 5in and 217 lbs.
I am obese. 

Hopefully not for much longer.
You see,  obese women are more than TWICE as likely to have a miscarriage, and I don't want another one of those.
I want a baby.
One that breathes.

So in an effort to lose 50 lbs (Jesus Christ on a cracker) I'm starting with Keto. Hopefully ifI can Lose 20 lbs I can switch to 21 day fix style nutrition plan.

If you don't know anything about a ketogenic diet basically you eat less than 20 net carbs per day and ingest a lot of "healthy" fats ( I'm putting that in quotations because they consider butter healthy) until you get your body into what's called ketosis. Ketosis means that you are fueled on fat instead of carbohydrates and eventually your body starts to use up its fat stores resulting in quick weight loss.

Its a whole thing,  look it up.

Anyway,  i thought it might be fun to chronicle week one, in case you were considering trying this WOE yourself.  (That stands for "way of eating".  Its a thing guys.)

Monday- January 22,2018

9:32 am: butter omelet,  doesn't sound good.  Doesn't taste good either.

12:15pm: sad sad salad.

3:15pm: so far so good today have eaten very few carbs. Dying for dinner time but alas 1 hour and 15 minutes until I get off work. Googled carb content of pomegranates, died a little bit inside.
*spoiler alert: lots of carbs

5:08pm: single chicken breast= zero carbs. Asparagus Spears = weird pee smells.
Feeling pretty good about my self control so far.

7:37pm: really wanted popcorn, Ate raw walnuts instead. sadness ensues.

7:46pm: considered exercising,  decided nah.

8:14pm: husband asks me to explain ketosis to him. Realized that we are essentially eating our own fat once in ketosis.
Wondered aloud if this makes me cannibalistic.
Husband seems to think no, I think perhaps yes.

Tuesday- January 23rd, 2018
Lost 2 pounds since yesterday, unknown if the cause was the uncontrollable poops which resulted from my buttery omelet yesterday morning

7:34am: forced myself to drink Bulletproof Coffee even though it burns my throat. Resolved that to continue this diet I should be doing this every day.

9:46am: scrambled my eggs with a full tablespoon of butter. Gagged. Ate them anyway.

9:52am: start my period,  decide to hate the entire world for the next 6 days.

10:23am: drank a diet soda at my desk, deep thoughts about it not being a coincidence that the word diet begins with DIE.

12:28pm: sad sad salad.

2:40pm: ate two boiled eggs, one perfect and creamy the other made of tire rubber-- How does this happen when they are boiled in the same pot? Marveled at the mysteries of the universe.

3:30pm: shared a police of Colby Jack cheese with Ellie, resented her for it.

6:34pm: worked a 10-hour day today could go for two more feeling energized by my new position in the company

7:02pm: baked salmon brushed with yellow mustard and sprinkled with freshly ground black pepper + Side of broccoli
Decided maybe this diet doesn't suck as bad as I thought.

8:39pm: desperately wanted some chocolate, compromised and had a glass of water


Wednesday: January 24th, 2018
Lost 2 more pounds yesterday.
Did not have explosive poops so excited to think this may actually be weight lost by this diet. 2.6 lbs to go to my first milestone! (200lbs)

7:34am: butter coffee. Sigh.

10:37am: buttery omelet of doom.

12:43pm: sad sad salad.

3:37pm: two pieces of Colby Jack cheese and a handful of walnuts.

6:42pm: baked chicken breast and green beans
Eh, not the worst thing ever,  but not super satisfying.

7:52: desperate searching for a snack ensues.
Settled for sunflower seeds,  didn't like them, ate them anyway.

Being awake=being hungry and sad, I give up.

Thursday: January 25th, 2018

7:32am: bulletproof coffee.
Going down smoother,  still not My fave.

10:31am: eggs, fried in butter.

12:47pm: sad sad salad.

1:14pm: still hungry,  handful of walnuts
Dropped one,  Ellie thought it looked good.
She changed her mind.
I agree.

3:13pm: two pieces of Colby jack cheese
Starting to get bored,  and constipated.

4:32pm: my work computer crashes and freezes me out.  I'm forced to go to Wal-Mart since now I have time.

6:47pm: buffalo wild wings mashes my whole day better with 3 grams of carbohydrates.
Brandon was indignant on my behalf that I was not allowed to eat corn dog nuggets or fried pickles .

Personally would rather have a baby then a corn dog nugget.

8:13pm: spoonful of peanut butter makes the sadness go down.

Friday: January 26th, 2018

7:08am: woke up early, obsessing about my work computer and couldn't go back to sleep had to make sure that it was working today.

Weighed myself, down to 201.4. This is a 0.4 reduction from yesterday, feel certain that it would be more than that if I were able to poop.

7:21am: Bulletproof Coffee and benefiber.

10:13am: omelette with a tablespoon of butter, colby jack cheese and turkey

12:34pm: sad sad salad.
Piece of sugar-free candy, in hopes that it will help me poop.

2:17pm: not feeling hungry, just tired mostly. Ate a handful of pecans and a couple pieces of bacon jerky. Meh.
Piece of sugar-free candy, in hopes that it will help me poop.

6:34pm: steamed broccoli and cauliflower with a oven baked turkey leg.
Defintely not my favorite thing ever.

Piece of sugar-free candy, in hopes that it will help me poop and a glass of Benefiber.

8:37pm: I've been feeling really tired, it could be from my body getting used to fat as a fuel source, they say the you get really tired. As a result of this I decided to go to bed instead of caulk and paint my kitchen and I did not wake up until 11:57 a.m. Saturday morning.

Still no pooping.
Saturday: January 27th, 2018

7:09am: woke up and took Ellie out
tried to poop, failed.  Thought about taking Ellie for a walk in an effort to coax my digestive tract to move, but alas when I opened the door it was raining.

Drank a glass of benefiber.
both of us decided to go back to bed

11:57am: actually got out of bed
Mentally berated myself because now I don't have time to paint my kitchen before Glo bingo.

12:04pm: not really hungry, not sure if it would be lunch or breakfast for me at this point, definitely don't want eggs. Decided to settle for coffee and a low carb protein shake.
Ate a piece of sugar-free candy in attempt to help me poop.

3:10pm: have to start getting ready for glo bingo, kindof sortof pooped. Small victory!

5:53pm: we decided to stop at a hometown bbq place for dinner.  The only side item I can have on thier menu is green beans, almost all the main dishes are breaded .
Decided it was good that I hadn't eaten yet,  ate a carb loaded bbq sandwich. On a BUN you guys.
A real bun!

11:53pm: home from glo bingo,  I successfully have not eaten anything else, too scared to check fitnesspal for carb content of my sandwich.
Hopefully will not hinder my ability to reach ketosis.

Sunday: January 28th, 2018

8:43am: weighed myself.  201.0 lbs
That's 0.2lbs down from yesterday, I wish it were more.  Resolve to take a laxative...

Saturday July 14, decide to blog about my first full month of Keto, realize I never finished this blog.  *sigh audibly*

 I don't really know what happened, what the final result of this diet was… but I can tell you that in April of 2018 I got pregnant and had a miscarriage at 5 and a 1/2 weeks and by mid may I was 217 pounds and had to start all over

Damn emotional eating.
 Feel free to check out the next blog  For measurements and weight loss on a complete month of keto for my body

Sorry I failed you on this blog... got so close too!


Friday, May 5, 2017

The Boiled Egg diet: 20 lbs in 2 weeks!

Day 1.

So,   we have previously ascertained that crash diets don't necessarily get the results that they promised.

The military diet was a sad disappointment, let's hope that the boiled egg diet actually holds up to at least some of its hype....Otherwise I'm effed on vow renewal day.

So my diet looks like this:
1. Friday:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.
• For lunch – fruit and 2 slices of meal bread.
• For dinner – Salad and cooked chicken.
2. Saturday:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.
• For lunch – green salad and cooked chicken.
• For dinner – 2 boiled eggs, salad and an orange.
3. Sunday:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.
• For lunch – low-fat cheese, a slice of meal bread and one tomato.
• For dinner – Salad and cooked chicken.
4. Monday:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.
• For lunch – fruit.
• For dinner – salad and streamed chicken.
5. Tuesday:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.
• For lunch – streamed vegetables and 2 boiled eggs.
• For dinner – barbequed fish and salad.
6. Wednesday:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.
• For lunch – fruit.
• For dinner – salad and streamed chicken.
7. Thursday:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.
• For lunch – streamed vegetables with chicken and a tomato salad.
• For dinner – streamed vegetables.
1. Friday:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.
• For lunch – chicken and salad.
• For dinner – 2 boiled eggs, salad and an orange.
2. Saturday:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.
• For lunch – streamed vegetables and 2 boiled eggs.
• For dinner – barbequed fish and salad.
3. Sunday:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.
• For lunch – Salad and cooked chicken.
• For dinner – 2 boiled eggs, salad and an orange.
4. Monday:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.
• For lunch – low-fat cheese, 2 boiled eggs and streamed vegetables.
• For dinner – salad and streamed chicken.
5. Tuesday:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.
• For lunch – tuna salad.
• For dinner – salad and 2 boiled eggs.
6. Wednesday:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.
• For lunch – salad and cooked chicken.
• For dinner – fruits.
7. Thursday:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.
• For lunch and dinner – streamed chicken and streamed vegetables
 I'll be taking 2 days off two days at least for my vow renewal before starting The GM diet, I refuse to be hangry whilst declaring my love for my husband

For now I am here:
• For breakfast – fruit and 2 boiled eggs.

• For lunch – fruit and 2 slices of meal bread.

• For dinner – Salad and cooked chicken.

This diet really leaves a lot of room to interpretation. Like the other diet was specific like "you can have five crackers and two ounces of meat" and this diet is just like "I don't know, chicken is good for you have some chicken"

It doesn't specify whether it should be white meat chicken, dark meat chicken, how much chicken I should be eating, what method of cooking I should use. It also doesn't specify how much dressing I'm allowed to have, or whether it has to be low fat. It doesn't say what kind of additions I can or cannot make into my salad..... technically I could still be following this diet if I ate eight pieces Fried Chicken right now with a small salad.

But I'm not gonna do that **sigh**

Honestly I am surprised to see this diet having even lower calories than the last! Hope that doesnt continue!!


MILITARY DIET: the verdict.

10 lbs in 3 days?

On Tuesday I started out here....

 Did I lose 10 pounds in 3 days as this"diet" promises?


Wah wah waahhhhhhhhh.
I Lost 3.2 lbs.

So after 3 days of being hungry and tired and grouchy I am here....

Was it worth it?
I'd say no, but in my case that 3lbs made the difference between obese a vs overweight
And that's worth it a little bit.

Would I do it again?
Hell no. I can lose that amount of weight without eating plain tuna and grapefruit.

So here's what I am working with now ...

Yep, still fat.

Please excuse my nipples, they wouldn't cooperate.  HAPPY FRIDAY!

Bub bub likes to witness all my humiliations in life. He also watches me shower and tries to sit on my lap when I poop. He's my  little peeping tom(cat)

so military diet was a bust,  and I only made three concessions to the diet.  When I was feeling exhausted and run down I drank 2 emergen-c packets, which are 35 calories a piece BUT I did 70 jumping jacks which burn 1 calorie each so I doubt think this affected my results 

And last night I gave up on the nasty canned tuna .... and added 15 calories of pickle relish. 
I don't think that's responsible for me not losing 7 lbs though. 

Next up, the boiled egg diet. 
Starting today!


Thursday, May 4, 2017

MILITARY DIET: the final day

Thank God it's OVER. 

I made it.
I'm too tired to blog about it, but I made it.

Long story short,  today went like this:

Breakfast: a slice of cheddar cheese,  5 crackers,  and an apple

A boiled egg and piece of toast. 

And finally,  the meal I've been dreading since my first encounter with canned tuna on Tuesday....

1 cup of tuna, 1 c vanilla ice cream,  1/2 a banana. 

What a combination. 

Safe to say this"diet" is not healthy or sustainable for a period, I'm low on almost every darn thing. 

It was raining (again) , and it's freezing out.
So today I skipped the walk. The diet is supposed to be enough on its own anyway...

I have a near constant headache,  which COULD just be sinuses,  and I'm extremely exhausted/ borderline lethargic.  This COULD be due to hormones+ 50 hour workweek.
But heads up, it could not be.

I'm going to go to sleep,  and I'd BETTER wake up at least 5 lbs skinnier or you will see me on the news for holding up dairy queen.